Do you want that we pray for you?

Writte down your name and contact data, and we will include you in our praying list.

If you want to describe your praying request, please writte it down. But if you want to keep it in secret, just left your data.

Every week we have an special prayer in favor of all names of the list. All have something they want to receive from God. Bible teaches us that whosoever ask, receives, with the condition that we ask according to His will. His will is revealed in the Bible. But the fear of God don’t comply with the request should not be reason for do not send Him the petition. He is Father, and love us. “God is love”, and will answer all prayings according to His wisdom, given what He knows is the best for each one of us. Once we sent the petition to Him, let’s accept gratefullly the comming events, knowing that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to {his} purpose” Romans 8:28.

Fourth Angel – Ultimate Warning Ministry

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